Get to know the Green Map Icons!

Already recognized in 65 countries, Green Map Icons bring a wide range of sustainability resources to light. These lively symbols identify, promote and link local resources in an eye-catching, easy to grasp manner that systematically connects themes and places in meaningful way.

Green Map Icons are in three genres: Green Living, Nature, Culture & Society, then divided into 12 categories to make it easier to consider what to chart on your map. These Icons highlight important assets, as well as challenges to community wellbeing. You can use Green Map Icons along with other symbols on maps and other projects.

Green Map Icons have a great collaborative history!

Co-designed by hundreds of Green Mapmakers since 1995, the meaning and importance of these icons can be further explored in this video, Poster, Definitions, and selected icon resources. Designed to evolve with our understanding of sustainable development in the community context, we also provide the underlying ‘pattern language’ so you can create new symbols that harmonize with the Green Map Icons.

When you download the icons, we collect your email address so we know who is using the resources we created. We will email you occasionally, and invite you to get more involved in this network and organization. Here you can find complete attribution and license information, including non-conforming uses.

Share your Outcomes!

Your Green Map Project is important well beyond your own community! We invite you to share your story, whether you create a map, an event or a product. It’s an easy way to extend your audience and share your new initiatives with the Green Map network, year after year. Social media will announce each addition you make, and you can embed your Stories in your own website too.


Our network has shown us how important it is to share exciting developments. Being open means there will be inspiring surprises created by Green Map Makers from all parts of the world - if you have provided your email here or joined our newsletter list, you will be among the first to know about best practices, pilot projects and exemplary expressions that refresh our experience and build the movement.

Using these Icons

You can use the Green Map Icons in part or as a complete set in many different ways. These examples are only the beginning - discover more in our Archive and books.

Download sets, font, poster (in different languages), definitions

There are several formats for the icons, including:

, and

Matrix / chart to come, maybe simple | Format - Best For - Size, Color, Transparent, etc

(placeholder image) Green Map System provides a file containing all the sets of icons, including the fonts, definitions etc. Be sure to credit use: Green Map System Icons, CC BY-NC-SA +CC. You may access and use the trademarked Green Map logo, and also find out how to use the the icons for commercial purposes under Terms of Use.

Print Maps use the icons in various ways, but often together with each site's number, in listings, and as graphics. Our Style Guide will help you design a beautiful, powerful Green Map. Based on the Green Maps created around the world, each is a ‘snapshot’ of a community as it makes progress toward sustainability. Designed for residents, visitors, special events and themes, see a selection here. Search for cities and regions here.

Posters, sketch maps, print maps and other formats can be made alongside interactive maps, extending the engagement process. You can make stickers or hand-draw icons for workshop and classroom maps. Stencils for signage might be cut out in a Maker Space, or made the traditional way. Add a Green Map to a planning process for a green space or a research paper. Use our engagement tools to create a unique campaign or even a party with a purpose!

Map platform images - this could be a view of the Tutorial blocks

Green Map Icons are ready to use with several interactive mapping platforms, including CARTO, ESRI’s StoryMap, Google My Map and other platforms. Comparison and tutorials for each platform is under Interactive Mapping.

What makes a great Green Map Maker, and what can you expect to accomplish?

Map Makers strengthen their own capacity to communicate, organize, and produce as they complete and share their Green Maps. Mapping is just part of the actions you can take, and each project benefits all your future efforts! Find out more in our Project Stories, which are linked, categorized and ready to inspire, or check out locally written stories in the Green Map Impacts book that share knock-on benefits of Green Map projects.

Our Creative Commons License

Green Map Icons are provided with a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license. This means you can freely use them on non-commercial projects of any kind, provided that you give credit to Green Map System and share your project in the same spirit in which you received the icons. This copyleft license is detailed here. +CC: If you have another intended use for our icons, brand and tools, do contact us in advance.

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